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The Truth Hurts
I don't, generally, feel sorry for politicians. Whether it's drugs, sex, thievery, or some other type of corruption, they've done it to themselves. Their choices dictated their actions, so they can pay the price.
Then, there's Senator Obama. Poor bastard. Yes, people are bitter, that's no lie. But if there's one thing I've learned it's that the last thing a bitter person wants to hear is "You're bitter." No, that tends to make them more bitter.
The other candidates, in a show of their political integrity, chose not only to shun the high road, but the low road as well. Both blazed forward on some mystical mythical path to a land where "common" people aren't bitter and that they both represent a wide swath of the American demographic. Hypocrites.

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Every time he says something that makes me that much more inclined to vote for him, he gets in trouble.

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